Putting together Pancake Panic with a Year 5 class.

Our Games Development Workshop has been updated for 2015.

Our updated coding workshop, which we launched at Haimo Primary School last month, features an updated format.

Our day-long Games Development workshop is broken down into three sessions over the course of a day.

Session 1 is an Introduction to Apps and Games, which is an overview session, looking at how games and apps are made. We look at the capabilities of modern apps and games (focussing, mostly, on mobile phones and tablets), and working up some ideas in small groups. This session features a collaborative Q&A session.

Session 2 looks at Coding Fundamentals, introducing pupils to code. We look at the basic components that make up every app and game, using popular mobile games as examples of how code drives the gameplay. During the session, we also start planning out the game we’ll be working on in the afternoon.


Our games development workshop is a great way to engage pupils with code.

During Session 3, which spans the afternoon, we Build a Game in an Afternoon. Collaborating as a group, we put together Pancake Panic, which is a game that we made and released in a week. Using what we learnt in the first two sessions, we work together as a team to code up the game. Pupils get a chance to record sound effects, add their own graphics, and help code up the app.

Each school that books a coding workshop with us receives the source code for the game after the workshop, allowing them to continue working on the game once we have left, introducing their own ideas and taking the game in new directions. We can also offer follow-up sessions.

So far, we’ve been running the workshop with year 5 and year 6 pupils across the UK, but the workshop is geared to younger pupils too, as well as secondary school pupils. We code in C# which is a real-world programming language used for games development, making our workshop perfect for GCSE students as well.

If you would like to book a coding workshop, please give us a call on 0845 299 3874, or email us at ali@chaoscreated.co.uk. Full contact details can be found here.