Introduction to Python Workshop

Now booking! Suitable for years 7-11 pupils (aged 11-16)!

Our new Python Workshop is great for teaching coding fundamentals through a real-world programming language. We will use Python (a programming language used by companies such as Google and NASA) to teach coding basics!

During the workshop, we will learn how to use Python’s loops, conditional programming, and more, to build some really cool projects including interactive quizzes, a two-player game, and Python-based micro:bit apps including a working spirit level and more! We’ll also explore the graphical capabilities of Python too, creating some applications and solving real-world problems through programming.

Note: Your pupils DO NOT need their own micro:bits for the latter part of this workshop – we bring micro:bits with us for your class to use!

What is Python?

The Python programming language is free to use and makes solving computer problems super easy and accessible. The code can be written once and run on most computers and many devices. It can be used for processing text, numbers, images, scientific data and just about anything else you might save on a computer. It is used daily in the operations of the Google search engine, the video-sharing website YouTube, NASA and the New York Stock Exchange!

Who would benefit from our Python Workshops?

Give your pupils a head start with our Python Workshop, designed for pupils aged 10-16 (Years 6 – 11). It’s a great workshop to give your pupils hands-on experience with a real world programming language, and is a workshop designed to teach the fundamental concepts of programming. It is a real problem-solving workshop, designed to challenge your pupils whilst exposing them to real-life coding scenarios through some really fun projects!

What will the pupils learn?

We’ll teach your pupils all about using strings, integers, lists, loops, and conditional programming through some fun and exciting projects. Everything your pupils will learn will help them grow their knowledge of coding and all of these fundamentals are applicable to other real-world programming languages too (including JavaScript, C#, and more).

We’ll finish up the day by coding some apps for the BBC micro:bit using Python too! So they can see their code up and running on an Internet of Things device!


Here are just a few projects we'll build with your pupils...

The Basics

We’ll teach your pupils how to use variables, loops, conditional programming, and more through an introduction to Python!

Interactive Quiz

We’ll put all the basics together to build a Python-based quiz! Your pupils will put their own spin on this, coding something related to work they are doing within your school such as a history, science, or geography project!

Noughts and Crosses

Using Python, we’ll build an interactive Noughts and Crosses game which your pupils will then be able to play!

Fortune Cookie

Finally, we’ll build a Fortune Cookie app which will run on the BBC micro:bit! This will be an amazing showcase of how powerful Python can be as we’ll be making an app that runs on an Internet of Things device!

Each school that books a coding workshop with us receives the source code after the workshop, allowing you and your pupils to explore Python further after the session.

We also provide support materials and some additional projects for you to try! We’ll help your pupils take their coding further, and we are happy to run follow-up sessions too.

In addition to providing you with follow-up lesson plans, and the source code for projects we create during our workshops, we can also provide Skype-based follow-up support, which is a super-cool and fun way for your pupils to stay engaged with coding and a great way for us to check-in and see how your pupils are doing and help them take coding further!

We run our Python Workshop with pupils from Year 6 Primary School classes, right the way up to GCSE Secondary School classes. In this workshop, we will be using Python, a real-world programming languages used by companies such as Google for solving real-world problems which gives pupils a real advantage when it comes to Computer Science and Computer Skills.

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