Coding Workshops for Schools and Online Resources for Teachers

Coding Workshops and Resources for Schools

Fun and engaging coding workshops for schools, plus online resources for teachers!

We run Coding Workshops for Primary and Secondary school pupils, and we can help teachers get to grip with programming too. We teach the fundamentals of coding, teaching pupils real world programming skills with practical, hands-on sessions! We have workshops for all age groups and experience levels.

We run workshops teaching coding for apps and games, and we also run workshops for the new BBC micro:bit where we work with pupils to code for the Internet of Things. We also have an Introduction to Coding Workshop for younger pupils too!

We are app and games developers ourselves, with two of our games featured on BBC Click, meaning your students get a coding workshop from industry professionals. Our workshops include the source code, supporting materials, and follow-up support.

Why now?
Primary school pupils in England are being taught computer programming as part of an overhaul of the national curriculum that saw ICT replaced with Computing Skills across all levels of education, from September 2014.
Who we are!
Chaos Created is made up of app and games developers with workshop and teaching experience. We have a bunch of apps on the market including Timedancer and Zombies Ate My City, both of which were featured on BBC’s flagship technology show, BBC Click.

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Code Created Club

Online lesson plans, video tutorials, and resources for teachers

Code Created Club is a NEW Online Resource Site to help Teachers teach Coding in Schools!

We're launching a brand new Teachers Resource site called Code Created Club in September 2018, full of fun and exciting projects for you to use in your classroom to help teach coding, all created by working app and games developers!

The new teachers-area will contain exclusive Coding Projects, Lesson Plans, and Code-Along Video Lessons - led by real-world app and games developers - for you to use in your classroom, helping your pupils to learn coding on the BBC micro:bit, Scratch, Minecraft for Education, Python, HTML5, JavaScript, Robotics, and more!

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We'll be covering... The BBC micro:bit, JavaScript, Python, C#, HTML5, CSS, Robotics, and more!

Our Workshops

Suitable for Primary and Secondary School Pupils - Led, in your school, by one of our professional app and games developers!

BBC micro:bit Workshop

For pupils aged 9 - 16

Our brand new BBC micro:bit Workshop teaches your class about the micro:bit, making some apps and games with them during the workshop (we bring our own micro:bits too if your school doesn't yet have any!). We’ll introduce them to TouchDevelop, the coding language that the micro:bit uses, and teach them the fundamentals of coding before we work on some really fun projects!

Coding Games Workshop

For pupils aged 8 - 16

Our Coding Games Workshop teaches the basics of coding and game development. We'll teach coding fundamentals with a very practical workshop, giving pupils plenty of hands-on time with code. We will then work on a mobile game with your class, uploading the game to the app stores so the pupils can show off to their family and friends when they get home!

Python Workshop

For pupils aged 10 - 16

Our new Python Workshop is great for teaching coding fundamentals through a real-world programming language. We will use Python (a programming language used by companies such as Google and NASA) to teach coding basics! During the workshop, we will learn how to use Python’s loops, conditional programming, and more, to build some really cool projects including interactive quizzes, a two-player game, and Python-based micro:bit apps including a working spirit level and more!

Introduction to Coding Workshop

For pupils aged 6 - 9

Our new Introduction to Coding workshop is a great way to get pupils started with code. Using visual programming tools such as Scratch, Kodu, and Minecraft HoC, we'll teach the fundamentals behind coding, and begin to look at how pupils can write their own apps and games. This is an extremely accessible workshop, suitable for all ages as an introduction to programming.

We also offer TEACHER TRAINING on coding too!

We can help teachers get to grips with coding, and provide projects for them to teach to their classes!

All students are continuing to play the game they created, and they’re very good at it! I hope from this experience that they will consider game design as a possible career path. It was important to me that they see the process behind the games they play and use their imaginations to create a game themselves.

Angelina Morello

Head of Faculty for Maths and ICT, Nightingale School, Tooting, London

Book a Coding Workshop for Autumn/Winter 2018

The 2017/2018 academic year was an amazing year for us, running our Coding Workshops all over the UK, teaching primary and secondary school pupils programming skills and working with them on apps and games! We're now taking bookings for the Autumn/Winter 2018 term,...

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SteveOur Workshops

We tailor our coding workshops to your school and class – based on their ability, whether they’ve worked with code before, and their ages.

Our two most popular workshops are our Coding Games Workshop and our BBC micro:bit Workshop. We also have a great Introduction to Coding Workshop for younger pupils too.

We are the only company in the UK offering coding workshops from real-world app and games developers. We aim to inspire your pupils to take coding further, and we offer source code, supporting materials, and follow-up support!

Contact us for more information – Call 0845 299 0714 or click here to request a call!

Request a FREE Coding Consultation!

Fill out your details and we’ll call you to discuss how we can get your pupils coding!

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