Read what our schools, organisations, and students have to say about our coding workshops!

Ali and Tom ran an excellent Web Development Workshop for a group of 40 pupils over two days. The Code Created team were professional and organised. They were very engaging with the pupils and clearly had exceptional subject knowledge. We would love to work with Code Created again.

Miss Askin Winchmore School April 4

A Code Created Masterclass gave students the chance to grab their laptops and learn all about different types of coding projects and how to code them. Some pupils already had an impressive knowledge of some coding languages, but were keen to learn more. With complex algorithms, the class was challenging but interesting and students left with a more complete knowledge of how coding works.

Oxford Royale Academy July 27

The children really enjoyed their sessions with you and I think lots of them now want to do app design as a job! The children were all engaged and keen to listen and find out more. All of the teachers were also saying how fantastic the workshops were as well so thank you very much!

Abigail Jones Downfield Primary and Nursery School, Hertfordshire March 22

We first walked into the ICT room and we saw two men. Their names were Ali and Tom. They talked to us all about how coding has evolved from how it was to what it is now. Before coded machines started of as massive computers and have now transformed into completely self driving and trustable cars. They also talked about how coding is important in our life such as hearing aids for deaf people, phones for emergencies and much more. Later on, we went on a Minecraft coding website where we had to put in code to make Alex or Steve move around to collect items. As you made progress the levels got harder and the coding blocks got more and more complicated. Next, we connected little mini micro:bits to our computer which made whatever was on our computer appear on our micro:bit. Before all this we had to make the code on our computer. A micro:bit has many little lights and whatever you code appears on your micro:bit. This was a FABULOUS experience and I can't wait to do this next year.

Uvri Year 5 Pupil from Kenmore Park Junior School November 21

I teach at a school in south London for children ranging from 2-7. As a school we are keen to develop the children's coding skills and have been working on involving the parents. I contacted Ali to discuss how to run a workshop for our Year 2 children who are fairly new to coding. He was very helpful describing how the day would run and how they would be tailored to a group of KS1 children.

We ran a half day workshop for each class of approximately 19 children where they learnt how to debug a programme, make changes to it and then trial some of the games. By the end of the session the children could describe how they looked for bugs in a simple programme and suggest how they might be able to fix it. I am sure it has inspired many of the children to continue developing their coding skills.

The workshop was pitched brilliantly and Ali had all the children engaged in the session. They had a fantastic time and have since been playing Pancake Panic at home! Thanks again and we hope to have Chaos Created back again next year.

Emma Bottomley Herne Hill School, London July 4

Nightingale Community Academy

I teach at a special needs school for boys aged 5 to 19 with SEMH (Social Emotional Mental Health). When looking for ICT workshops, I came across Chaos Created and thought this would be great for our pupils, especially as they are all very familiar with playing computer games!

I contacted the Chaos Created team, and explained everything we needed in detail. We discussed how the day would run and how best to engage our students. We agreed on two half-day workshops for Years 5, 6 and 7, where the children would learn the basics of coding, and then work on fixing a game called “Pancake Panic” using the skills they had been taught. They would then create their own game, which would be uploaded onto the app store for them to play in the future.

The morning workshop was held for the primary students, while the afternoon session was for our Year 7 pupils אתר רשמי. Both groups found it very engaging and look forward to transferring what they have learned to their ICT lessons.

All students are continuing to play the game they created, and they’re very good at it! I hope from this experience that they will consider game design as a possible career path. It was important to me that they see the process behind the games they play and use their imaginations to create a game themselves.

The students told us that they enjoyed the workshop. I am positive that they will continue to create and develop games of their own.

Angelina Morello Head of Faculty for Maths and ICT, Nightingale Community Academy, Tooting, London February 11

On the coding day, two men came in. Their names were Tom and Ali. They gave us an inspirational talk about coding in the real world and its importance in the future. We learned to make our own code using a Minecraft game. We really enjoyed using the micro:bits. It was amazing when it said our names in red lights. We also programmed them to be Fitbits. We had such a fantastic time.

Amna and Simina Year 5 Pupils from Kenmore Park Junior School October 5