Our Workshops

We tailor our coding workshops to your school and class – based on their ability, whether they’ve worked with code before, and their ages.

Our two most popular workshops are our Coding Games Workshop, and our BBC micro:bit Workshop. We also have an Introduction to Coding Workshop for younger pupils. Read about all our workshops by clicking here.

Half Day/Full Day Workshop – Primary and Secondary Schools

All our workshops have Full Day and Half Day variations. A Full Day session allows us to go deeper, and give your pupils a greater understanding of coding, and a greater range of projects, but our Half Day versions could allow us to work with two classes in a day, and give your classes a great start with coding (we can always return at a later date with a follow-up session).

Our Coding Games Workshop teaches the basics of coding and game development. We’ll teach the fundamentals of programming during a practical and session, allowing your pupils to get hands-on with code! We’ll then work on a simple game with your class, uploading the results to the app stores so the class can show off to their family and friends! We work with real code, and we aim to inspire your pupils to continue their projects once we have gone.

Our BBC micro:bit Workshop will teach your class about the micro:bit, making some apps and games with them during a day-long workshop (we bring our own micro:bits too if your school doesn’t yet have any!). We’ll introduce them to TouchDevelop, the coding language that the micro:bit uses, and teach the fundamentals of coding.

Our new Introduction to Coding Workshop is a great way to get pupils started with code. Using visual programming tools such as Scratch, Kodu, and Minecraft HoC, we’ll teach the fundamentals behind coding, and begin to look at how pupils can write their own apps and games. This is an extremely accessible workshop, suitable for all ages as an introduction to programming.

All of our workshops include the source code for projects we create, along with supporting materials and follow-up support, and we offer significant discounts when booking workshops for multiple classes.

For more information about our workshops, click here!

Half Day – £300 + VAT – Book now or Request a call!

Full Day – £450 + VAT – Book now or Request a call!

Costs exclude travel expenses which we will always try to keep to a minimum. We will try to cover all or the majority of our travel costs when we work with a school over multiple days. Please contact us to discuss.

Discounts! For schools booking workshops for more than one class, we offer significant discounts. All of our workshops include the source code for projects we create, along with supporting materials (such as follow-on lesson plans) and follow-up support! Please call us on 0845 299 3874 to discuss.

We can also cover more than one class in a day (so, for example, you could book a full-day workshop, and we could split that day over two classes). Please call us on 0845 299 3874 to discuss.

Half Day/Full Day Teacher Training

If the idea of teaching children programming scares you, we have the perfect workshop for you! We can teach teachers the principles of coding, some coding techniques, and how to explain the more complex ideas to your own pupils!

(If you book a workshop for a class, we can offer Teacher Training after school too – please call us to discuss)

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