All of our workshop facilitators work as programmers or function in app and game design and development in some capacity. We are all DBS checked, and we can all provide testimonials from the schools we have worked with. That said, we are not qualified teachers, and we would – ideally – have the pupil’s regular teacher, or another member of the teaching staff, in with us to assist with any issues the pupils may have. It’s also a great opportunity for your teachers to learn some programming skills and the teachers we’ve worked with previously have all said how valuable the workshop was in developing their own knowledge!

You can book online at Or give us a call on 0845 299 3874.

We’ll always do our best to amend a booking, if required. Our full booking terms and cancellation policy can be viewed here.

We will bring equipment we need to run our workshops with us, such as BBC micro:bits.

All we require is a large screen (television screen, interactive whiteboard, or projector and screen, for example) which we can hook our laptop up to for the students to follow along with the coding tutorials.

Your pupils will need use of your desktop PCs, laptops, or Chromebooks for the session (running a modern web browser – preferably Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge). It would be great if they could have one each, but if not then one computer between two will work. We can run some of our workshops on tablets such as iPads, but please call us before booking to discuss.

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