Getting Started with Website Design and Development Workshop

Now booking! Suitable for years 9+ pupils (aged 13+)!

Our new Getting Started with Website Design and Development Workshop is a great way to introduce your pupils to coding. We’ll focus on HTML, CSS and JavaScript throughout a full-day workshop. At the end of the day, they will have a working website, along with notes and support so they are equipped to design an online portfolio for their work, or other project.


HTML is the coding language that determines the structure of a website and the content. We’ll look at building a website that is responsive to different screen sizes, and we’ll show students how to build flexible layouts and format their code.


CSS determines what the website looks like. How big is the text? Do links get underlined? What colour is the background? How do the images look? We’ll spend time playing with the look and feel of the website, and focusing on design.


JavaScript is used to develop interactive elements for a website. We’ll take a look at some of the fundamentals behind JavaScript, developing some interactivity for their website.

Each school that books a coding workshop with us receives the source code after the workshop, allowing students to develop their work further after the session, with support from us. We’ll even upload their projects to the internet at the end of the day, so they can see them live, and share them with their family and friends!

We also provide support materials and some additional projects for you to try! We’ll help your pupils take their coding further, and we are happy to run follow-up sessions too.

In addition to providing you with follow-up lesson plans, and the source code for projects we create during our workshops, we can also provide Skype-based follow-up support, which is a super-cool and fun way for your pupils to stay engaged with coding and a great way for us to check-in and see how your pupils are doing and help them take coding further!

We run our Getting Started with Website Design and Development Workshop with pupils from Year 10 and up, including college and university students.

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