This summer, Chaos Created is working with Oxford Royale Academy, one of the world’s leading providers of academic summer courses, to deliver four days of coding workshops for their international students through our Code Created initiative. We have been working with Oxford Royale since 2015, and it’s terrific to be back, delivering these sessions at their prestigious sites across Oxford and Cambridge.

Our coding workshops are being delivered as part of Oxford Royale’s STEM programme, which aims to inspire and educate students aged 13 to 15. Our workshops are designed to teach students the basics of coding and game development. This year, we are delivering our popular Coding Games Workshop, teaching international students the fundamentals of game development. During the workshop, each student will create their own arcade-style game, led by our team, which is made up of professional app and game developers. The students can then share their finished game with family members and friends, and continue working on their projects following the session. They get to create their own pixel-art graphics, and add advanced functionality to a space-shooter-style arcade game.

Our coding workshops are not only fun and engaging, but also beneficial for students’ future prospects. Coding is a valuable skill that can open up many opportunities in the digital economy. Coding also helps students develop their creativity, problem-solving, logic and teamwork skills.

How to Book a Coding Workshop

If you are interested in booking our Coding Games Workshop (or any of our other workshops) for your school or organisation, you can contact us by email, by phone, or via our online chat. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

We have been running coding workshops for schools since 2015, and we work with schools right across the UK. We are app and game developers, with two of our games featured on BBC Click.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your students a fun and rewarding experience of coding and game development. Book your coding workshop today!

Contact details

Chaos Created Phone: 0845 299 3874