Nightingale Community Academy

Nightingale Community Academy, London

I teach at a special needs school for boys aged 5 to 19 with SEMH (Social Emotional Mental Health). When looking for ICT workshops, I came across Chaos Created and thought this would be great for our pupils, especially as they are all very familiar with playing computer games!

I contacted the Chaos Created team, and explained everything we needed in detail. We discussed how the day would run and how best to engage our students. We agreed on two half-day workshops for Years 5, 6 and 7, where the children would learn the basics of coding, and then work on fixing a game called “Pancake Panic” using the skills they had been taught. They would then create their own game, which would be uploaded onto the app store for them to play in the future.

The morning workshop was held for the primary students, while the afternoon session was for our Year 7 pupils אתר רשמי. Both groups found it very engaging and look forward to transferring what they have learned to their ICT lessons.

All students are continuing to play the game they created, and they’re very good at it! I hope from this experience that they will consider game design as a possible career path. It was important to me that they see the process behind the games they play and use their imaginations to create a game themselves.

The students told us that they enjoyed the workshop. I am positive that they will continue to create and develop games of their own.

Angelina Morello Head of Faculty for Maths and ICT, Nightingale Community Academy, Tooting, London