Kenmore Park Junior School (Pupil)

We first walked into the ICT room and we saw two men. Their names were Ali and Tom. They talked to us all about how coding has evolved from how it was to what it is now. Before coded machines started of as massive computers and have now transformed into completely self driving and trustable cars. They also talked about how coding is important in our life such as hearing aids for deaf people, phones for emergencies and much more. Later on, we went on a Minecraft coding website where we had to put in code to make Alex or Steve move around to collect items. As you made progress the levels got harder and the coding blocks got more and more complicated. Next, we connected little mini micro:bits to our computer which made whatever was on our computer appear on our micro:bit. Before all this we had to make the code on our computer. A micro:bit has many little lights and whatever you code appears on your micro:bit. This was a FABULOUS experience and I can’t wait to do this next year.

Uvri Year 5 Pupil from Kenmore Park Junior School